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PhiNails Trainings


Starting at € 795


3 or 6 Months


PhiNails Trainings Options

Looking for a career switch or upgrade?

Join PhiNails nail technician trainings in #teamcorina and get full detailed support. Like this you'll haved all you need not just to start your nail career, but to become a SUPERSTAR NAIL  TECHNICIAN.

The PhiNails course it is open to people with any skill level or background. It is perfect to upgrade your skills or if you are just looking for a fresh start and change in your career.

What will you get?​

  • You can choose between allround nail technician course or separate technique training (gel or acrylic only)

  • No kit included or obligativity to buy certain products, so you can choose yourself the brand products you want to work with.

  • 3 or 6 months online support via Craft Master app for continuous learning with access to all theory material (lessons, pictures and videos)

  • 1 on 1 Guidance along during the learning process and always under #teamcorina protective wings.

  • Unlimited access to exclusive Facebook Group "PhiNails Compendium" for continuing education, advance techniques step by step.

The complete course has 23 levels to pass in order to become a certified PhiNails Artist and includes 50+ videos and 100+ lectures and chapters as: 

🔸the history of nail treatments and tools

🔸hygiene -nails, tools and working place

🔸hand and nail anatomy 

🔸allergies and nail diseases

🔸PhiNails cosmetic manicure

🔸nail products - nail polish, gel polish, gel & acrylic - structure and recommendations

Some of the main subjects are: 

🔺Nail polish 

▫️preparation & applying method step by step

▫️tips & tricks 

🔺Gel polish 

▫️characteristics of the product

▫️preparation of the nail without damaging the natural nail’s health

▫️perfect application strengthening the natural nail with small apex

▫️how to properly apply the color right under the cuticle 

▫️proper removal without damaging the natural nail 


▫️explanation of composition and different sort of gel, how and when to use

▫️how to apply it on natural nail for strengthening effect

▫️creating nail extensions using nail forms and how to properly use a nail form to

achieve the right C curve

▫️apex theory for each sort of nail bed 

▫️how to create square and almond shape

▫️how to do a full color set and french design

▫️how to do refill over gel enhancement

▫️tips and trick for perfect application/removal of gel


▫️explanation of products and how to use

▫️advantages / disadvantages of using acrylic

▫️nail strengthening using acrylic

▫️how to sculpt the correct shape with acrylic using nail forms

▫️tips & tricks

It won't be easy, but it is all worth it !

  • Are you choosing for online training and want to experience the details of a live workshop? Book together with a Zoom PhiNails ADD-ON.

  • Are you already a PhiNails member or no PhiNails member but you need to perfect a certain technique? A PhiNails perfection training personalized on your needs is available on request, with the posibility of following live, 1 on 1 or online via zoom.

  • You just need a bit of guidance during your working technique, without having a full training? Choose for PhiNails Monitoring and get hands-on directly on the technique you struggle the most with, while working on your clients.

The choices are wide, have a look on the complete offer and don't hesitate to contact me for further guidance.

Your Instructor

PhiNails Master International since 2018, from the very beginning of PhiNails. When choosing for #teamcorina PhiNails you choose to learn and work towards your goals.

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