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Hands & Feet Treatments 

Welcome to the nails place where attention to details stays at my signature style. I am committed to providing luxurious manicure and pedicure services for each and every client.

All the years of experience and trainings followed in the highest details assure you that each appointment is a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling pampered and empowered.

With the use of only the finest products and the latest techniques your nails will look stunning and stay healthy.

I take pride in providing the highest quality service offering you only high-end manicure and  pedicure result.


Each nail treatment is personalized to the client's needs, shape and lengths and the prices may vary from one client to another.


Natural Nails Treatment

Strong Nail Enhancements

KART Pedicure

The treatment includes the natural nail enhancement/enforcement  procedure without architecture corrections or extensions. 

We are using a colored rubber base gel, biab or other sort of gel / acrygel product, depending on the natural nail's needs. Including detailed manicure and 2 nails with basic/simple nail art.

  • new set €79

  • refill within 4 weeks €62

  • refill within 5 weeks 68

  • more than 5 weeks= new set price​​

    • + gel polish color 5€ extra 

Nail art price : check the Extra's


The treatment includes the creation of a set of gel/acrygel/acrylic nails with detailed combi manicure, nail extensions or architecture correction, including shape at client's choice (oval, almond, square or ballerina/coffin), color and 2 nails with simple/basic nail art.

  • new set salon standard shape  €89

  • extreme shape €187 (extreme shape such as russian almond, lacoste, modern almond, stiletto)

    • + extras​

Refill salon standard shape​

The treatment includes the infill of the nails enhancement with advanced manicure and recalibration/correction of the nails architecture.

In the event that a few nails are broken the nail reparation is included as bonus, free of charge, color at choice and as well 2 nails with simple/basic/fast nail art.

  • within 4 weeks €67

  • within 5 weeks €73

  • more than 5 = new set price 

Nail reparation ​

  • on refill appointment - bonus

  • on separate appointment (after 7 days*) €15​​



  • long nails (starting at 2.5 cm from the cuticle) from €10 

  • french nails €2,5/nail or €20/set

  • babyboom / ombre  - €2,5/nail or €15/set

  • other nail art / decoration starting at €1/nail - price on request

    • All extras apply to the natural nail treatment nail art as well.​

Nails enhancements removal   


  • Removal of a nail set from other nail stylists - BONUS procedure for all new clients on the new set appointment

  • Only removal + mini manicure   €35

    • + €5 on long nails ​

KART Pedicure & Cosmetic Feet Treatment

The treatment includes 2 steps: first, the pedicure KART (for KART professionals only), a safe and highly effective method of skin renewal and rejuvenation, followed by a cosmetic nails pedicure .

  • KART pedicure without gel polish €79

  • KART pedicure with gel polish €83, incl. 2 basic nail art nails


  • problem nail cleaning or treatment €4 per nail during full treatment 

  • problem nail cleaning or treatment €25 per nail during separate appointment for 30 min. Extra time is taxed at €10 per 15 minutes.

  • french nails €7

  • other nail art - price on request


Salon Rules

Nail Appointments

  • All the treatments take place in a cozy and quiet home salon, for extra privacy and relaxation. All clients must have an appointment and walk-ins are not possible.

  • Also, there is no available waiting room, so please come unattended. Otherwise, unfortunately I may be in the situation where the companion will not be permitted to come inside, so in order to avoid unpleasant situations please come alone.

  • The nail treatments are only offered to persons of age from 16 years old. From 16 to 18 years old parents approval is needed.

  • The client may request any type of nail treatment, colors and lengths, but the procedure will be done only in the  way that the natural nail will not be affected. In some cases I may deny to proceed to create a certain length or type of treatment if I, the professional, cannot guarantee the end result will be in the best of the client. The chosen technique and product will be the one that will preserve the natural nail's health and ensure a long lasting result, till the next refill up to 3-4 weeks. If the chosen technique and product is the right one but the client does not take the professional advice regarding the length, no 7 days guarantee* will be granted for the specific set of nails.

  • A pre-payment of at least €50 per treatment is requested for every new client in order to make an appointment, together with personal details (full name, phone number, email and home address). For any re-fill / following appointment is requested a prepayment of €40 per treatment for all returning clients with no exceptions. Denying to provide these details and paying the requested amount will not make possible any planning of the requested appointments. The pre-payment is non refundable by any means and it is only guaranteed for the initial booked treatment of a treatment of higher price. In case of cancellation of the upcoming appointment the pre-payment is not to be paid back. In case of change of appointment dates during the "reschedule free period", the pre-payment is a guarantee for the next set date, one time only, counting towards the total price that will need to be paid. 

  • The pre-payment is valid for the booked treatment. In case of changing the treatment type with one priced less than the pre-payment, no price difference will be paid back.

  • For pedicure appointments there is needed to specify prior the appointment certain health issues and/or damages to feet's skin and in most of the cases a picture may be requested. Also, if toe nail correction is needed this is to be informed prior the appointment in order to ensure we can book the right amount of time for the needed procedure.

  • If the wanted nail set is more special (for manicure and pedicure also), includes different nail art or half/full reverse french, to avoid wrong appointment times please inform directly while booking or at least 1 week in advance to make sure I can offer the satisfying set.

  • Nails are not tools and they are not made by steel, so breakages may occur. This is a relative rare situation, reason why the reparation in case of breakage during refill appointment is free, at no extra cost, as long as there are not more than 4 nails. But, in the event of consecutive situation on the same client, the second appointment will be at the price of a new set plus extra's if added.  In this case also a different recommendation for shape or length may be reasonable to have in sight.

  • A nail reparation is also free of charge if occurs in the first 7 days starting with the appointment day and has been announced directly via SMS/ WhatsApp and has concluded that there has been no mechanic/client's inadequate use of the nails . Any reparation notice coming after the 7 days guarantee will be charged accordingly if the client decide to have a reparation appointment only. Otherwise, the rules for refills will apply at the next appointment. 

  • To make sure the planning is filled accordingly an appointment can be rescheduled with at least 48 hours prior the booked date and time (at least 72 hours if there is weekend in between). To be valid the rescheduling must be done only via sms/whatsapp and confirmed by an answer, contrary late costs may will occur. In case of total cancellation of the appointment, the pre-payment will not be paid back.

  • In case of sickness please reschedule the appointment at the first sign of illness, contrary further appointments can be denied and cancellations costs may occur. Good communication is a standard here, but still sometimes unexpected happens, but in the case of late cancellations or no-show the client will be invoiced 50% of the price of the booked appointment, but not less than €50 per treatment.

  • In the case of arriving later than the scheduled time we will try to do what is possible in the remaining time (when still possible), but unfortunately it will not be guaranteed that the complete procedure will be possible to take place, as the planning must go further on track. The appointment will still be invoiced for the full price of the booked treatment, regardless the finished result.

  • Each client must complete the COVID-19 health check sent online 24h prior the appointment. If by one of the question has been answered with "yes" the appointment can be replaced on a further date free of charge, one time only. The prepayment is not being paid back, but it is available for a further appointment placed in the following 3 weeks. If there was no prepayment done, the client will receive a link for the payment directly with the cancellation, which will be valid for the appointment rescheduled in the upcoming 3 weeks. The same free rescheduling/postpone rule applies if the symptoms or the cancellation comes from my side.

  •  For a good communication during manicure appointment, using the phone during the treatment is recommended to be minimal, if a total "break" is not possible. The phone together with other personal items should stay in the client's purse / jacket . Of course there can always be an exception if there is a personal urgent issue.

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