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Smart Forms & New Salon Trends

The pro bundle for upgraded techniques!
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Product Details
New Revolutionary training Smart forms & new salon trends
Achieve great nail shapes in the shortest time without using standard nail forms! You’ll get to learn ALL you need to know about smart forms and tools to use in order to create new beautiful trends and fast salon techniques.
  • Soft square, fast and easy
  • Oval slim, strong and thin
  • Easy-peasy Ballerina
  • Russian almond like a pro
You’ll get to learn the new trends, created fast and with beautiful details.
  • ✅advanced manicure techniques
  • ✅nail plate categories & recommended shapes
  • ✅all you need to know about smart forms(dual tips): when and how to use them.
  • ✅Hybrid nails secrets
  • ✅Gel & acrylgels uses
  • ✅New nail extension & refill with recalibration
  • ✅Peek-a-boo glitter color boom
  • ✅Inlay & marble effect
  • ✅Clear french tips & tricks
  • ✅Do’s and don’ts
✍🏻This training is 100% new !
❗️Also available as private 1 on 1 training (check the shop)

✅60 days access

✅Certificate of completion !
All participants will be added on the platform in the upcoming 48hours after the payment has been confirmed, Monday to Friday.
The registration is not refundable !

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