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"The Alphabet of The Nail Architect" eBook

Golden knowledge, a diamond in your pocket!
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Click on the button and read now your eBook with golden knowledge, a diamond in your pocket, "The Alphabet of The Nail Technician", by Corina Nanuruw

Is the answers to the questions that you sometimes have not even asked.

Is the “wiping off the blur” from trainings you have followed or you intend to, elsewhere as well.

Is the clarity brought with writing and drawing to understand our work to its deepest level.

Is THE everything that a nail technician needs.

In short words, is what I did not had when I started this journey and would have been the game changing solution for all my questions along the road.

Bonus, you'll get 30 days access on the platform to the Q&A's place.

Buy it and keep it by your side whenever you need a refresh. It will become your best friend.

Giveaway ended!

Winners will be chosen on Christmas!

🪄Everybody who gets the eBook in Pre-Order goes automatically in the run for 2 amazing prizes ONLY when following the steps:

  • First prize: 2 days of VIP Perfection Trainings with me in 2023.
  • Second prize: 1 year Free access to all my available online advanced trainings.

✍🏻How to enter the giveaway?

✅Purchase “The Alphabet of The Nail Architect” as pre-order.

✅Follow me , share the eBook giveaway flyer on your instagram page in maximum 48hours after purchase if purchased later and tag me(profile must be public and flyer must be visible till the end of the giveaway).

✅Tag under your post at least 2 nail technician friends.

The giveaway winners will be chosen on Christmas! Make sure your shared post will be available till that date !

The eBook will be available to download directly after the payment is done. The download must be done withing 6 days.

The flyer must be visible and online till the giveaway ends.

The payment is not refundable.

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